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Robert O. Caulfield

Abandoned at birth in December of 1930 to poverty and the neglectful care of his maternal grandmother, Robert Owen Caulfield spent the first ten years of his life running wild on the dangerous inner-city streets of Depression-era Roxbury, Massachusetts. His urge to express himself as an artist found an early outlet when he began drawing on those streets-literally, with chalk-at age six.

At the age of ten, Robert was adopted by his paternal grandparents and moved to the seaside city of Lynn, Massachusetts. There, his passion for art battled his passion for football as he grew to adulthood. Following a stint in the US Marines during the Korean Conflict, Robert returned to Lynn and eloped with Marilyn Le Blanc, his high school sweetheart. In 1952, Robert accepted a job as a truck driver with a local utility company. He spent the next thirty-three years working his way up the corporate ladder, eventually securing a position in upper management, although never losing sight of his dream of becoming a full-time artist.

In 1953, Robert's part-time art studies at the Practical School of Art in Boston were cut short after only a year because of financial constraints imposed by his growing family. A few years later, Robert took night classes in life drawing and watercolor at the New England School of Art, when once again, financial constraints imposed by the birth of his fourth child forced him to reluctantly quit. He has never had another art lesson.

The great American realist painter Edward Hopper chose a painting of Robert's titled "Nuns on a Misty Morning" as one of the "Best in Show" from over 2,000 entries at a Jordan Marsh exhibition in the early 1960s. Robert's artistic influences include the French Impressionists, World War II combat artists such as Reginald Marsh, and artists like John Sloan of the American Ash Can School.

Their family now grown to include five children, Robert and Marilyn settled into a typical suburban postwar lifestyle, moving from Lynn to Lynnfield in 1965. Art was a passion Robert juggled for the next two decades while working sixty-hour weeks to support his family.

Grabbing time to paint whenever he could, he exhibited his work first locally, then further afield, garnering awards for his powerful landscapes, and selling steadily through the years. Robert's work appeared nationally for many years in the annual American Mutual calendar. In 1977 he was asked to become a member of Boston's prestigious Copley Society-one of the oldest art associations in America.

After a painting of his titled "Stowe, Vermont" appeared in the center spread of Yankee Magazine in 1982, Robert and Marilyn were so overwhelmed by the response the painting generated, they began talking about the possibility of opening a gallery.

At the age of fifty-five, Robert took early retirement. He and Marilyn risked everything when they bought a ramshackle house in Woodstock, Vermont with the intention of turning it into a gallery, so that Robert could at long last pursue what he had dreamed of since he was a boy-a career as a professional artist.

Their gamble paid off in spectacular fashion. The last twenty-five years have found Robert rising to prominence as one of the most popular and best-selling landscape artists in the United States. His paintings and lithographs not only hang in thousands of homes from coast to coast, but in public and private collections the world over. In 1998, Robert was named "One of the leading street painters in the nation," as well as one of the leading Impressionists, by Art Trends Magazine. Reproductions of Robert's work hang in every suite in New York's Plaza Hotel. In his fifty year career as an artist, Robert has sold over 2,000 paintings. Robert has also authored two books: The Art of Robert O. Caulfield, and Ruggles Street - The Life of an American Artist.

He and Marilyn reside in Woodstock, where they maintain their home and gallery, often enjoying the company of their five children and eleven grandchildren. They also maintain a winter residence in Highland Beach, Florida.

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